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Investment Highlights

Why invest in Social Infrastructure PPPs?

  • Revenues linked to government or government-related entities
  • Long-term, stable cash flows
  • Revenues linked to inflation
  • Limited exposure to economic cycles and diversification benefits
  • Value enhancement potential

Why invest in NZSIF?

  • Growth potential for the use of PPPs in New Zealand
  • PPPs have a proven track record internationally
  • The PIP Fund draws on the expertise of Morrison & Co as a specialist infrastructure investor
  • Attractive target return for investors in NZSIF over a long investment horizon
  • In-specie distribution rights

Chairman’s Letter

With New Zealand’s demand for new infrastructure growing each year, and the Government’s commitment to improving the country’s productivity while maintaining high standards of public services, there is an increasing need to deliver essential infrastructure to New Zealand in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The Board Of Directors

The Board comprises four directors: two independents, one of whom is Chairman, and two nominated by Craigs Investment Partners. The Board is responsible for monitoring the investment of funds by NZSIF, the reporting obligations of NZSIF and monitoring the Administration Manager’s performance.

The Investment Manager

The investment management services for the PIP Fund are to be undertaken by Morrison & Co PIP Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Morrison & Co. Morrison & Co was founded in 1988 by Lloyd Morrison, initially targeting the infrastructure sector as Governments around this time introduced private capital to areas such as ports, airports and energy generation and distribution.

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